photos of the events

Gaze of Calva ‘closing party’ – Saturday 21 Feb 2015
at Monfai Cultural Center – Chiang Mai

Video on Live music and performances by Fabrice Croizé

John Downing Bonafede
art performer “Bondage Trap”
Lanna music & dance
the Dance of the Bird
ผีพี่ Pi Pee Ghostbrother
rock-electro-groovy beats-experimental by Franck Légale, Jeremy Gaysek
& Michael Joseph Oakley

DSC_0274-2 DSC_0261-2DSC_0266-2 DSC_0398-1 DSC_0396-1 DSC_0345-1 DSC_0336-2 DSC_0333-2 DSC_0311-2 DSC_0305-2 DSC_0297-2    DSC_0296-2DSC_0281-2

Faculty of Fine Arts – Chiang Mai University – Tuesday 10 Feb 2015
invited by Kosit Juntaratip (lecturer at Multidisciplinary art CMU)

Artist Talk by Fabrice Croizé
[the art of mixing media and expanding the boundaries]

artist-talk_01 artist-talk_02 artist-talk_03

Workshop at Documentary Arts Asia – Sat & Sun 17-18 Jan 2015


Experimental projections on a sphere and on a tube with Jack Capadona

DSC09184-1 DSC09191-1 DSC09205-1                         DSC09215-1 IMG_0651 IMG_0654

Improvisation video concert at North Gate Jazz Co-op – Thursday 22 Jan 2015

Video performance by Fabrice Croizé with Peter Vandemoortele and his trio

photos credit: Sachie Tsuyuki

DSC09253-1 DSC09256-1 DSC09259-1 DSC09267-1 DSC09269-1 DSC09276-1

Opening night at Gallery Seescape – Sat 10 Jan 2015


Video performance by Fabrice Croizé (video)

with Peter Vandemoortele (guitar), Rasmee Wayrana (vocal) and Marina Chojnowska (dance)

photos credit: Sachie Tsuyuki

DSC09003-1DSC09004-1 DSC09022-1DSC09029-1 DSC09048-1 DSC09065-1 DSC09074-1 DSC09075-1

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