Video installation “Love Thy Neighbor”

Video installation ‘Love thy Neighbor’ by Sabrina Montiel-Soto and Fabrice Croizé at Seescape Gallery, Chiang Mai (Feb 15th Saturday – 19:00-22:00)


Love thy neighbor is an audiovisual installation that questions the relationship of men to each other. Man has become a subject in a laboratory who were abused in both mental and physical experiment. He is now an endangered species through synthetic mental manipulation, an atomic energy, climate change …
Are we asking ourselves the right questions about life?
A man and a woman are detaching from self and levitating as if being weightless. They are there and looking at us. Are they real? alive? in the body or out of the body?
Love thy neighbor proposes you a journey to the heart of an immersive space composed of 5 video projections and sound spatialization.


Love thy Neighbor/L’Amour de ton Prochain from Calvacreation on Vimeo.

_ Artist interview by Sébastien Tayac _

DSC_0098-1  DSC_0086-1DSC_0120-1


Photos de l’installation:


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